What I learned in 2010

Without question, 2010 has been a hard year.  I could dwell on what’s been hard, but there’s not much positive, not much good, in that.  Instead, I will reflect on what this hard year as taught me.

  • Seeing my daughter happy and healthy and living her life responsibly and smartly reminds me that I have done somethings right in my life.
  • Taking photographs of the world around me has taught me that I have a unique vision and I need to continue to develop it.
  • Dropping my camera– twice– has taught me to be more careful with the tools I love and need.
  • Starting a blog again has taught me that I shouldn’t have stopped blogging.  I have missed the consistent writing, the community of bloggers, and this way to work through my thinking (with smart and supportive friends).
  • Listening to music has continues to teach me more than I can even begin to explain in a bulleted list.
  • Reading through six years’ worth of blog posts reminds me that I am smarter than others give me credit for.  In fact, I’m smarter than I typically give myself credit for.
  • Making a quilt for my daughter’s Christmas present taught me (again) that I’m a big picture kind of person.  Precision work can be hard for me.
  • Living in this South Texas culture has taught me (again) what it’s like to belong (or not) in my world.  It’s taught me what I want (and what I don’t) in the society/culture where I live.
  • Moving into this house has taught me– and this is a hard one– that I can have nice.  It’s taught me to be thankful for people in my life.
  • This year (and some) has taught me how awfully mean and cruel and deceitful some people can be … but it’s also taught me that I can rise above these negative behaviors and be who I am:  not mean and cruel.
  • Working with a colleague on Composing with Images Press (CWIP) taught me that we can use our intelligences for social good.
  • Knowing the mistakes I have made this year (and others years, to be sure), I can hold my head up and know that I have done my best.  Honestly.  This year has taught me about forgiveness.
  • Working with women in domestic violence shelters taught me that I have compassion and understanding when it comes to people in difficult situations.  I have this because I have lived through difficult situations.
  • Working with the women in shelters has taught me that there are places in the world where I can give.  … and people will gladly receive.
  • Reconnecting with someone specific on a social networking site has reminded (retaught) me that I have been deeply loved.
  • Learning something new everyday from the many people I’m connected to in online spaces has been a highlight of the year.
  • Surviving difficulties I can’t describe here has taught me that I represent myself honestly and accurately.
  • Understanding that idealism is still good but can be tempered is a strong lesson from this difficult year.
  • Writing on a collaborative blog for a national publication has taught me that working together is good in academia … it’s not always respected or expected, but it’s good.
  • The iPad taught me that I love technology.  (OK, I already knew this, but still.)
  • I have learned that consistent exercise does make me feel better.  Winning 3rd place in my age group in a 5K over Easter was kind nice.  That taught me to keep going.
  • This year has taught me that not everyone wants to receive what I have to offer.

I may add more to this list tomorrow, but for now, this is exhaustive.  The year’s been hard, but I have learned from it.

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