Good Things #1 (new blog, new start)

  • Experiencing today’s sudden (and unexpected) rain shower
  • Being told my apartment looks like “something out of a magazine.”  (I’m assuming this person meant the decorating…)
  • Enjoying Sonic Drive In’s Happy Hour (half-price drinks between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m.) and $1 ice cream after 8:00 p.m.
  • Disliking (but appreciating) the therapist who is kicking my ass. (It’s a stretch if this is “good” or not.  Right now it’s just hard.)
  • Thinking about my dissertation’s first case study, D’Ante.  I wanted to kick his ass all over campus — that is, until I got to know him.  I think of him now, and I smile.
  • Finding an obscure book at Half Price Books yesterday, Photographs & Poems, that combines Jorie Graham’s amazing poetry with Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s amazing photography.  Amazing.
  • Meeting Jorie Graham when I was at SMU. Kinda awesome.
  • Feeling completely lost, but resting in the fact that I know how to read a road map.
  • Hearing “Ring of Fire” come across the iPod and wondering how many versions of this song I have … 15 or 20?
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