Five Good Things (pre-semester edition)

As I’m overwhelmed and overstressed, I need to refocus my energies.  Therefore, I write a “Good Things” list (and today, this was actually hard to do):

  • I have a daughter who amazes me everyday.  OK, I always list her in a “good things” list, but she is, well, a good thing.  We spoke tonight and she told me about her team’s first win of the season in double-overtime  . . . how the coach and the assistant coach on the opposing team knew her from her undergrad institution . . . and how tired she was from working hard all day.  I’m amazed that she came from me.
  • I have an office at school that remains at a constant 68oF.  This might seem too cool to some, but it feels great to me.  It’s hot and humid here.
  • I am confident that all the stressors of the last week or so will eventually go away.
  • I am going to get referral $$$ from my apartment complex because I referred another new professor to complex and she leased an apartment. w00t!
  • I have social plans for tomorrow, and this is a good thing:  a “welcome to the year” party at a professor’s house.

With that, I go to bed. Tomorrow will be a good day.

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