Pre-Position Anxiety is a Bitch

The time before one begins a tenure-track position– the months of applications, the months of interviews, the months of campus visits– is all stressful.   The entire process is long, difficult, and anxiety provoking.  But this point, mid-July before a position begins in August, should be easy, relaxing, and stress free.  One would think.  And maybe for some people it is.
For me?  Not so much.  Online friends have reminded me that the anxiety I feel now is “normal.”  Somehow I don’t think so, but I’m striving to believe what they tell me.

Five things I will do (starting tomorrow) to alleviate this anxiety:

  1. Exercise (maybe I can sweat the anxiety away)
  2. Write (I need to start a few projects anyway)
  3. Photograph (Composing Images is a good outlet)
  4. Yoga (this isn’t exercise as much as a moment to meditate and focus)
  5. Connect (not with busy future colleagues but with community members)

Five good things:

  1. Learning to quilt
  2. Meeting people in this new city
  3. Feeling the discomfort of a new life (this sounds negative, but in the discomfort good arises)
  4. Recognizing my limitations and striving to overcome them
  5. Having the opportunity to make these changes
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