Good Things to Remember

  • Knowing there are seven class days left in this semester, and that’s seven too many.  I need this semester to be over.  But the good thing?  There are only seven class days left.


  • Feeling so very ready to move on.  I want to, I need to move on today.


  • Donating so many things to the Salvation Army and the local Domestic Violence shelter.  I need to make another pass through the house…downsize more.


  • Printing out my dissertation earlier today:  420 pages of crap.  Truly.  It’s not that great.  But it’s done.  That’s the good thing.


  • Thinking I might work at another degree:  and MFA in photography.  My new institution offers such a degree.  Might be a good thing.


  • Remembering someone from my past . . . and thinking good thoughts about a good person.  The good thing?  Age helps us understand.


  • Hearing from a couple of cousins today and yesterday who live in the area of my new position.  I’ll get to reconnect with them.  Good thing.
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